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NO MORE REGISTRATIONS being online, at AMA office or at the venue on Saturday. We are very sorry for the invonvenience.

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The Columbia Trail Masters 2014 (Episode VII)
The First Thailand Trail Running Championship
Keang Krachan
Petchburi, Thailand
July 6, 2014

  • Trail 50km (2 laps of 25km)
  • Trail 25km
  • Trail 10km
  • 3km fun run/walk for kids and families....
The 3km is a family event and open to everyone. Local schools and communities have been invited and hundred of young happy faces are expected to compete in the fun run. Children games and bouncing castle on the day. Do not miss this festive running party!

Why trail running?
When people think of running, they most often picture running on the road or running on a track. But, a lot of runners opt to run on hiking trails in natural settings. Trail running combines the beautiful outdoor scenery of hiking with the physical challenges of running. If you are the  type that loves being in beautiful, outdoor settings, then trail running is something for you.
In addition to the regular running benefits such as improved fitness level and potential weight loss, trail running is also a lot better on the joints. Running on hard surfaces such as pavement and concrete can be tough on the bones and joints. People who suffer from things like shin splints and knee problems often report that they don’t experience these problems on trails!

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